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The Standardisation Internationale de Tricotage (SIT)/Groupe Superba produced a number of knitting machines that all shared the "same" electronic needle bed. The difference was the way the machines were programmed. The knitting machines include S47 (pressure pad), S44 (peg board), S48 (light scanner), MT624 and System 9000.

We have developed the SuperbaKnit hardware and software that provides the patterning functionality for electronic Superba, Singer, White and Phildar knitting machines. Unique patterning can now be done over the full width of the needle bed. With the SuperbaKnit you can knit existing patterns without the need of any additional software. You can create your own patterns with a graphics package of your choice.

SuperbaKnit Main screen

SuperbaKnit ASuperbaknit with interface A Pressure Pad, MT624 & 9000
SuperbaKnit BSuperbaknit with interface B Light Scanner & Peg Board

SuperbaKnit Utility SuperbaKnit Utility on-line help SuperbaKnit Utility Documentation SuperbaKnit Hardware Documentation Slide shows

Superba Singer Phildar White SuperbaKnit Note
  400   1402 A Pressure Pad, single bed
  MT610     A Pressure Pad, double bed
S47 Memo II/600D115 1502 A Pressure Pad, double bed
S42 2100     B Peg Board, single bed
S44 2200 D110   B Peg Board, double bed
S46 23xx     B Light Scanner, single bed
S48 2330 D120 1602 B Light Scanner, double bed
624 MT624/MT2140     A  
9000 9000/MT700     A  

Pattern formats for above machines
PATDesignaKnit BPTBrother BMPWindows BitMaP CSTCompuStrick
CUTPassap Creation PCXSystem 90 INTO SHAPE STCStitch Painter pattern STBStitch Painter brush
DATSilver Reed PC10 STPDesignaKnit TXTNotepad NITKnitPad
PBMPortable Bit Map PGMPortable Gray Map PPMPortable Pixel Map KSWKnitt Styler pattern
KSLKnitt Styler lib QPADesignaKnit bitmap MTSinger 9000 pattern MTFSystem 90 INTO SHAPE

Patterns included with software
Memo IILight ScannerPeg BoardMT624Singer 9000

Normal Double Rows Double Stitches Upside Down
Negative Reversed Spaced Exchange
Mirror Horizontal Mirror Vertical Chevron Reflection
Birdseye Left Birdseye Right    
Center Repeat Wrap Carriage left
End Needles Width Margins Pattern Indicators
Skip Stitch Skip Stitch with Ribber Fairisle Rib
Jacquard PC10 method Jacquard PC10 method with Ribber  
Most variations above can be combined
Simple Lace Fashion Lace  

32 bit Operating Systems
Windows 2003Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 2008Windows 7Windows 8 & 8.1Windows 10
64 bit Operating Systems
Windows XP x64Windows Vista x64Windows 7 x64Windows 8 & 8.1 x64Windows 10 x64 
Windows 2003 x64Windows 2008 x64Windows 2008 R2 x64Windows 2012 & 2012 R2 x64Windows 2016 x64Windows 2019 x64 

ModelPC ConnectivityCablePower
SuperbaKnit USBSeries A USB connectorUSBExternal 100-240 V power supply

SuperbaKnitLED GreenPower is applied to SuperbaKnit
 LED Red/GreenNeedle is selected or not selected
 LED Red/GreenGreen: no connectivity, Red: USB

Where to buy
USA & Canada Europe       Rest of world
Knit Knack Patrick Madden   Passap USA Distictive Knits IBB IBB

Design SoftwareManufacturerComment
DesignaKnit 9Soft ByteUse DK9 or SuperbaKnit software for knitting
DesignaKnit 8Soft ByteUse DK8 or SuperbaKnit software for knitting
DesignaKnit 7Soft ByteUse DK7 or SuperbaKnit software for knitting
DesignaKnit 6Soft ByteUse SuperbaKnit software for knitting
Stitch PainterCochenilleUse SuperbaKnit software for knitting
Journal SixJennifer L SchmidtUse SuperbaKnit software for knitting
Win_CreaChris DixonUse SuperbaKnit software for knitting


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